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Pegasus, a spyware tool, has been alleged for spying on ministers, opposition leaders, journalists, and businessmens.


Last Updated on 19/07/2021 by Riya

Pegasus spyware, developed by Israel-based surveillance tech company NSO Group, is creating a lot of buzz these days as the spyware is claimed to be involved in spying on journalists, human rights activists, and business executives, according to a revelation by over 16 news organizations, including the Washington Post. It is believed that this software is responsible for the exposure of roughly 40 Indian journalists data. The major advantage of this spy technology is that it can not only record calls but also take images of the users and records the nearby sounds.

Besides this, SMS records, contact information, call history, E-mail, search history, etc can also be obtained through this spyware. It is claimed that this spyware can easily spy on someone on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

How much does it cost to purchase Pegasus spyware?

Pegasus spyware can be acquired for roughly 70 lakh rupees, which may seem expensive at first, but once purchased, this spyware can monitor the activities of multiple mobile devices. According to a report, the NSO Group charges roughly Rs 9 crore for monitoring ten persons using its Pegasus software. As a result, spending 70 lakhs on this spyware is a worthy investment for this kind of company.

How Pegasus spyware sneaks into someone’s phone and spying on them?

Phishing tools are used to get access to a person’s mobile device and collect data. The hacker simply requires a tactical network element for this; it assists the hacker in obtaining the number of people.

Can Pegasus do mass surveillance?

No, mass surveillance cannot be done by Pegasus spyware and it has been clarified by NSO that through this spyware only mobile device activities of people involved in serious crime and terror can be recorded. Apart from this, NSO has also made it clear that they don’t run Pegasus, so they do not have the details regarding it’s use.

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