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Quantum decryption can be possible as a way of hacking by Chinese hackers


Last Updated on 02/12/2021 by Anamika

Since COVID happened, a lot of companies and businesses got cloud-based. Uploading all the data on cloud-based servers and getting all digitized was the process of transformation.

Chinese hackers could be targeting heavy databases such as intelligence or undercover servers, servers relating to IT companies, weapons, etc which deal with terabytes of data.

This data, if getting into the hands of the cybercriminals can be disastrous as if sent to the dark web, it can lead to leakage of a lot of sensitive and private data, for which the attackers can ask for heft ransom.

Analysts at Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm, say Chinese hackers could also steal pharmaceutical, chemical and material science research that can be processed by quantum computers – machines capable of crunching through numbers at unprecedented speed.

According to the reports of The Guardian

Encrypted data will contain a lot of information such as biometric markers, Social Security Numbers, Weapon Designs, etc. The researchers also say “state-aligned cyber threat actors” will start to steal or intercept previously unusable encrypted data.

China is already a very big player when it comes to hacking and breaching. It generally targets big firms and rival countries to gain access to the most confidential information.

If quantum hacking comes into existence, it would create havoc in the cloud computing world and it would take serious steps to reprimand it.

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