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Rapid7: Attackers got ‘limited access’ to source code, customer data after Codecov breach


Last Updated on 15/05/2021 by Khushi

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Rapid7 has unveiled the compromise of data of consumers and the little source of code due to the Codecov supply chain ambush.

The cybersecurity company said that it was one of the sufferer of the incident, in which an attacker procured access to the Codecov Bash uploader script on Thursday.

The cyberattack that was against Codecov happened on or around January 31, 2021, and was unveiled to public on April 15. The company , which provides the code coverage and testing tools, said that a threat actor meddled with the Bash uploader script, thereby getting compromised in the Codecov-actions uploader for GitHub, Codecov CircleCl Orb, and Codecov Bitrise Step sites. 

This allow attackers to export the data which contained in user’s continuous integration (CI) environments. 

Hundreds of its clients were potentially impinged, and now, Rapid7 has established that the company was one of them. 

The attacker was kept away from the product code, but somehow they were able to get access to a “small subset of source code repositories” for MDR, internal credentials — all of which it have now been swiveled– and on-the-qui-vive data for some MDR consumers. 

Rapid7 has extended itself to customers that were impacted by the data breach. 

The company called in the cyberforensics assistance and getting through an investigation, has declared that no other corporate systems or production environments were seemed compromised. 

Codecov since has removed the unsanctioned actor from all of it’s systems and is setting the monitoring and auditing tools to try and avert another supply chain attack from occurance in the future.

influenced consumers were made aware through e-mail addresses that are on record and via the Codecov app. Codecov suggests that users of the Bash uploaders between January 31, 2021, and April 1, 2021, who did not have undergone through a checksum validation should re-enroll their details out of caution. 

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