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Remove China App APK Download


Last Updated on 01/07/2020 by TheDigitalHacker

“Remove china apps” has been removing by google from its an app marketplace and now people searching for an alternate to remove app made in china to promote #MakdeInIndia and support the country.

Fortunately, With our trusted sources we have stored the download china apps APK and you can simply download and install in your phone.

How to download and use “Remove china apps” to remove apps made in china?

  1. Download the APK file from this link or play store(play store has removed the app)
  2. Install on your phone
  3. Give android for unknown installer installation permission
  4. Once permission is given, try opening the APK again and install the app
  5. The app will open without any permission
  6. Open the app and scan your phone
  7. Remove the listed all from your phone
  8. See our Chinese apps alternative and download the needed apps from the play store.

Why remove Chinese apps from your phone?

1. China sensors anti china, anti platform videos

Unlike youtube apps which allows any critic videos, Apps like TikTok doesn’t give any reach to anti-TikTok videos. It’s called censoring and china has been famous for that.

2. Government of china can access any information about users 24×7

The government of China has regulations with every private, public firm, and access to their centralized database. The government can search, filter, or aggregate data on a mass scale which makes it a national issue. US Government has banned any TikTok usage in government authority and in their family for the same reason.

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3. Unclear Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

Apps like TikTok, face swap, and many popular apps have ambiguous privacy policies, terms, and condition pages which makes these apps go in a list of shady apps.



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