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Samsung Galaxy Watch 2


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Samsung already has a very healthy line-up of wearable devices. Besides the flagship Galaxy Watch, which is getting a bit long in the tooth already, Samsung as the relative fresh Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit/Fit e-wearables in the portfolio.

What’s more? Now, users can also make an assumption that older devices like the more rugged and masculine Gear S3 Frontier are still viable to this day. Samsung is also quite likely to announce a successor to the Galaxy Watch sometime this summer, most certainly alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note series in mid-August.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 & Watch 2 Active rumor review: Price, release date, specs, features, and design

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If judging from the leaked images of the wearable that popped sometime ago, there is no surprise in the design department. A traditional, circular device with what seems to be quite a bright and large OLED display with non-rotating bezel, just like on the 1st generation Galaxy Watch Active.

There are also certain subtle changes in the shapes of the side buttons, as well as a large speaker cut-out on the left side of the watch. This clearly indicates that this generation, unlike the 1st one, will come along with a loudspeaker, allowing users to make calls through the watch itself, and not use the paired phone.


It is also reported that the wearables will come in two sizes- a 44 and a 40mm version, unlike the old times when the original Active was only available in a 40mm version.

Although the Watch Active came out in March and releasing a Watch 2 Active in August would not make any sense, it would not be ruled out at all. However, there is more inclination towards believing that Galaxy Watch 2 would be launched alongside the Note 10 series regardless of the lack of leaks supporting the notion. And when it comes to pricing, it is supposed that Galaxy Watch 2 Active could cost between $199 and $229.


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