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Snapchat’s Augmented Reality gets widely accepted and successful reviews


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Last year, when the citizens of the USA were stuck in a lockdown, American Eagle Outfitter found an innovative way to increase the sales of their products. During Covid-19 last year, the company’s sales suddenly dropped.

Therefore, to keep their business on track the eagle outfitter decided to open a store on Snapchat and use the method of augmented reality to attract more customers.

Snapchat's Augmented Reality gets widely accepted and successful reviews 1

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The reason behind this decision is the active nature of the young generation on Snapchat. According to a survey, over 108 million Americans are engaged with Snapchat, therefore, a platform is very beneficial for the shopkeepers to promote their products on Snapchat and earn a lot of profit.

The company launched a virtual shop on Snapchat in which they have added the collection of Polo shirts, blue jeans, swimsuits, and many other clothing products as well and attract the customers by marketing their products by using the AR method. 

The users were allowed to browse from 15 to 20 pieces at one time. American Eagle outfitter allows youngsters to choose and buy their favorite clothes from their comfort zone without going out to the shopping mall.

By using an augmented reality feature the company allowed the users to try the product before buying on their smartphone without going outside the home. Just by tapping on a particular product the users can add it to their wishlist and can purchase the product by visiting the official website of American Eagle website. It has been believed that at the end of the sale, the American Eagle outfitter’s sales had reached $2 million and along with this the store had gained 50 million engagement.

Although it is only one example, there are many other virtual stores as well that are successfully running their business on Snapchat and continuously earning a lot of money through Snapchat. 

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