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5 Mistakes That Your Brand Could Be Making On Social Media


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Over the past decade, one thing that has made advertising ten folds easier is the rapid use of social media and social media platforms. Most apps have various tools and systems that give businesses opportunities to advertise to users in the remotest of places. So, we must know that we are doing the right kind of marketing. Find out what are the five things that you shouldn’t be doing.

Using The Same Content That’s Been Around


Every business is unique, and the content of the company must be so too. It is okay to take inspiration from similar brands to see how they interact with potential clientele. Therefore, it would not be beneficial to blindly copy another brand’s social media strategy. Being yourself is the key.

Many brands also generate content and post the same thing with the same caption to all of their social media handles. It is important to remember that the user base on each of the platforms is different and that you have to approach them differently. 

The language, tone, and the way you say things have to be in a way that appeals to the audience correctly. That is why you should have different content. 

2. Not Replying to Comments

5 Mistakes That Your Brand Could Be Making On Social Media 1

The essence of a social networking website is to enable people to interact with each other. Whether they are your user-base or other people, you should be responsive to all. You must keep the engagement going on in your posts. Just posting a picture ad and not interacting with the followers is a big no-no.

Apart from keeping the engagement up, replying to comments also helps people relate to the brand and makes them feel that they are talking to an actual person. It enables building an image for the brand and allows the consumer to trust the brand more.

3.Promoting Only Your Product/Service

5 Mistakes That Your Brand Could Be Making On Social Media 2

No sane soul wants to see just promotions and sales-related posts on their social media feeds. 

That is why you have to find exciting ways of creating engaging content for the audience and keep the product in the center of the content. That way, the audience gets to know about your brand but doesn’t feel overwhelmed by its presence. A little information can go a long way. Does your brand make woolen gloves? Cool, they might come back in the winter!

You can do this by “collaborating” with trending influencers, using great pictures and engaging captions, having some information value in your posts, etc.

4. Not Having a Plan

5 Mistakes That Your Brand Could Be Making On Social Media 3

A plan is an ever-important strategy to achieve any measurable goal. A plan is essential to have a good grip over your social media pages as well. By strategizing and planning, you might measure your growth and make goal-oriented work highly effective. 

Planning also means that you study the kind of followers you have, your target audience, schedule posts so that people can expect your posts at a particular time of the month, and, most importantly, set realistic goals and achieve them effectively.

5. Shouting ‘Call to Action’ all the time

5 Mistakes That Your Brand Could Be Making On Social Media 4

The call to action in some posts is very useful and organic, but sometimes brands use it unnecessarily. When something repeats itself, human minds tend to get desensitized to it. The same is the case with a ‘Click Here’. After a while, people are just going to scroll past it.

It is better to use such tricks rarely – when absolutely necessary, for it to have the desired effect. Moreover, most of the time, captions aren’t that effective as a good quality picture or video conveying what you’re trying to say. For the right to caption and the image, studying the audience is super vital.


5 Mistakes That Your Brand Could Be Making On Social Media 5

In a nutshell, with all this information up your sleeve, you can indeed handle your social media yourself. If you are naïve and still figuring out how it all works, you can consider hiring an experienced digital marketing consultant that will take all the complexities and work to achieve your business goals.

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