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South Korean employees targeted by North Koreans


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Last Updated on 09/12/2021 by Anamika

The feud between North Korea and South Korea is being witnessed all around the world. The constant battles between the two countries, trying to prove their superiority is beyond imagination.

Recently, in a report, there has been a shocking revelation that states that the North Korean employees are posing themselves as Samsung recruiters. In this way, they were sending fake job offers on the emails of the South Korean employees to trap them on their web.

The attached files in the e-mail were malicious and made the devices vulnerable when opened.

The malicious PDFs can not be opened in a standard PDF reader. When the recipients complain that they are unable to open the job offer archive, the attackers offer a link to a Secure PDF Reader app users could install to open the file.

According to the reports of Cyware

When they open the document from the link, the Secure PDF reader attempts to decode an embedded Portable Executable (PE) and PDF from the supplied PDF.

This way the malicious files got transferred into the victim’s device and the data is transferred to the attacker’s device.

The North Koreans have been targeting the South Korean intelligence systems for a long time now, and it is high time for the South Korean Intelligence team to buck up and start taking some charges against the attackers.

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