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Spotify comes up with ‘Greenroom’ to complete with Clubhouse’s rising demand


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Spotify released on Wednesday an app is based on Locker Room, an audio-focused platform that Betty Labs acquired in March.

Locker Room was launched in 2020 to focus exclusively on sports, but Spotify’s new version of the app – Greenroom – will allow users to discuss all kinds of topics and interests.

Greenroom is designed to compete with Clubhouse, the buzzy social networking app that recently earned a $4 billion valuation. Clubhouse was launched in 2020 as an invite-only platform, but it quickly became a hit with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan earlier this year, and business people like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have jumped at the opportunity.

Facebook launched its own live audio and podcast platform on Monday. Greenroom has a structure and style very similar to Clubhouse, and the basic idea is the same. The host is the person who initiates the meeting and selects who can speak. Users who enter the room can request to speak using a button at the bottom of the screen. Guests can also add to the conversation using the room’s chat feature by clicking on the “An ongoing conversation is taking place” text at the bottom of the screen, but the host can choose to turn off the discussion tab. Rooms can be created by clicking on “Create a room” or scheduled through the app’s calendar. They can then choose the room’s topic and group and start the room live. The rooms have the same purpose as Clubhouse rooms insofar as they focus on networking as well as impromptu discussions on current events, but the app has fewer groups and room options than its competition. Greenroom has similar rules in place regarding hate speech and inappropriate behavior on the app.

One notable difference between the two apps is that Greenroom users can record conversations. Greenroom has its own way of distributing likes, and people can also distribute “gems” in addition to following users. You can reward speakers for saying something meaningful by double-tapping their profile. The number of gems received by an individual is displayed alongside their following and follower counts on their profile. Greenroom also has similar policies against hate speech and inappropriate behavior on the app, but one notable difference is that Greenroom allows users to record conversations.

Greenroom has its own system of distributing likes: people can give out “gems” in addition to following users. By double-tapping on a user’s profile, you can reward speakers for saying something exciting. The number of gems an individual receives appears alongside their following and follower count on their profile.

Greenroom will appear as an update for current Locker Room members and integrates perfectly with Spotify’s brand, thanks to its signature color scheme. Spotify users must login to their Spotify account to create a Greenroom account. The sign-in process is easy and requires only a full name, birthdate, and profile photo, and users can then start choosing their interests. While Clubhouse allows users to automatically connect with people from their contact list, Greenroom appears to offer a search facility for only other profiles.

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