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Starlink’s high-speed internet service would be launched first in India’s rural areas


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

The upcoming SpaceX fast broadband service will be first provided to few selected Lok Sabha constituencies of India. Around 10 Lok Sabha constituencies have been selected by the company to date.

To execute this plan, the company has arranged a virtual meeting with the members of parliament, ministers, and top government officials. The company claims to bring a lot of improvement in the life of rural areas with its broadband service.

According to the director of Starlink India, Sanjay Bhargava “SpaceX’s satellite broadband service is expected to begin in India by the end of 2022”. Earlier, Bhargava had revealed that “over 5,000 Indian users have made pre-order for Starlink fast internet connectivity.

He also, express their willingness to offer fast broadband connectivity in villages. Currently, Rs 7,350 has been charged from each customer in India for providing satellite-based internet connectivity.

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