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Stay away from this new dangerous Gmail scam!!


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Online scams have become very common in today’s digital era, hackers use different tricks to target users. This time hacker comes with a new trick to scam people, they started targeting Gmail users. The current email danger has spread around the globe, even to India. Hackers are applying a brand-new approach to attract consumers. The unsuspecting individuals have been urged to be wary of a nefarious Gmail email scam.

Instead of including bogus links or harmful software into the mail hackers this time includes a new trick to lure users attention. Hackers are now sending emails that appear to originate from prominent companies such as Amazon or PayPal. Such mails pretend that the victim’s account has just accomplished a big transaction.

To make it look more professional hackers often design these emails in such a way that looks quite legitimate, email features professional fonts and logos. That’s why it is quite difficult to identify the differences between real mail and fake ones.In the mail, you’ll often find a phone number of a company with a message states, “If you have not made this transaction, feel free to contact us.

“Although, when you call on the contact number a fake Amazon or PayPal employee will receive your call, pretend to be a real representative. They’ll do everything they can to get you into their bucket and obtain as many details as they can from you, such as usernames, passwords, and financial details. They can even persuade you to send money to a fictitious account. You could also be duped into launching a Trojan to steal your data from your computer.

Regarding the issue Google spokesperson said that “they recently spotted several sets of fake e-mails, possibly from trustworthy businesses, informing users of big purchases,”.

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