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Sweden headquartered company Klaren’s alleged data breach accident


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Klarna is headquartered in Sweden has gained over 90 million users worldwide with time and the app download is still at a rise with a rapid pace, in both the nations of Europe and the United States since last year. Alongside this, it has attracted a good potential base of investors is being courted by regulators across the continent for a potential IPO.

The company came under fire on Thursday after users complained that they were being accidentally logged in as other people. This allowed them to get access to strangers’ personal information.

Due to this error there were details like that of postal addresses as well as previous purchases that got exposed. According to one tweet, partial card details were also revealed due to this attack.

Klarna responded to the situation by temporarily shutting down its app services to protect it from getting hampered any further and termed it as a technical error in front of its users.

Klarna issued statement against the attack

Klarna in its statement that was issued on Thursday, emphasises on the fact that this incident was not a result of any external attack.

Apparently, the incident impacted 90,000 app users but the range then dropped down to 9500.

The statement, written by CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski, stated that there had been a “self-inflicted incident that affected not more than 9,500 of [its] app users for 31 minutes.”

He went on to say that the bug was caused by a human error and that it was not the result of an external breach of [the company’s] systems.

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