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“Swiggy” customers will soon get their meals via drone.


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Last Updated on 19/06/2021 by Riya

Swiggy will soon be delivering food via drone. Swiggy and Anra Technologies have teamed up to make food delivery more convenient for people. According to Swiggy, officials from the Ministry of Defence, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and Ministry of Civil Aviation have approved the launch of BVLOS trials in India.

Anra Technologies’ is an airspace management solutions, Aircraft operators and airspace managers all over the world can benefit from this company. After months of research, the company came up with this concept, and the hard work eventually paid off when the concept was approved. Swiggy provides food delivery in over 500 cities across the country; however, for the next few weeks, the drone will only deliver food packages in the Etah and Rupnagar districts, though the online food delivery platform will expand this service to other cities as time passes on.

Along with Swiggy, Anra has also teamed up with the Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, to use drone technology to deliver medicines to those in need. Anra is the only UAS technology company in the country that has been granted permission by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to conduct drone delivery operations. After witnessing the unavailability of sources to deliver food and medical supplies during the Covid lockdown, the company made this decision.

Several people in the country have to suffer without food and medicine as a result of the entire lockdown. Swiggy isn’t the only company to offer food delivery via drone; just a few weeks ago, Dunzo, a Google-backed delivery startup, said that it would soon offer pharmaceutical delivery via drone. However, the project is still in progress, and we may receive more details about it shortly. Swiggy’s primary program manager, Shilpa Gnaneshwar, said in an interview that the company hopes to “bring the long-range abilities of drones to optimal use” with this effort.

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