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System Breach exposes Kleenheat Customer Details


Last Updated on 21/10/2020 by Hrithik V

Kleenheat, an Australian gas producing company, issued warnings to several of its customers regarding a data breach. This data breach may have resulted in the exposure of sensitive information like customer name and address. 

System Breach exposes Kleenheat Customer Details 1

The Perth-based retailer and distributors have reasons to believe that the breach took place back in 2014 on a foreign system, which is no longer in use.

In the email sent to customers, Kleenhear wrote, “The potential disclosure was recently identified by Kleenheat during a routine data security check, and did not occur within Kleenheat’s internal systems.” 

They mentioned that data at potential risk included name, residential address, and email address. Kleenheat “reassured” phone number, date of birth, and payment information has not been breached. 

System Breach exposes Kleenheat Customer Details 2

“As soon as we identified the issue, we moved quickly to secure the information and we are not aware of any associated malicious activity,” Kleenheat added. “Please be assured that we will continue to monitor for any potentially suspicious activity in our systems.”

It seems notifications have been sent only to customers whose accounts were compromised as a result of the breach. Others, who have not received it, are not victims, and need not worry about their privacy being compromised. 

Kleenheat said that they have been in contact with the relevant authorities, and have taken steps they could. They have reported the incident to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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