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T-mobile confirms data breach on at least 40 million of its consumers


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T-mobile confirms data breach on at least 40 million of its consumers 1
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T- Mobile conveyed  in a statement from  a mobile carrier that it was hacked recently and personal data of 48.7 million, current and former post paid, customers was stolen including first and last names of the customers, date of birth, driver’s licence information, Social Security Number. The company revealed this incident earlier this week after hackers offered to sell the data of 30 million people for 6 bitcoin, or about $280,000 on a hacking forum.

The hackers claims to have breached 100 million people’s data but the preliminary analysis of the company indicates  something else, the account information of approximately 7.8 million current post-paid and 40 million records of the “subset” of former and prospective customers were compromised.  Furthermore, they have confirmed the exposing of an additional of approximately 850,000 active prepaid customer’s name, account pins and phone numbers, and some additional information was accessed through the inactive prepaid billing files.

The company is uncertain that if the data in the stolen files includes any customer’s financial details, debit or other payment information. They have reassured that no metro by T-Mobile, former sprint prepaid or boost customers had their names or PINs exposed and claims that none of the inactive stolen files contained any payment information.

To counter this debacle, T-Mobile offered 2 years of free identity theft protection services with McAfee’s ID Theft Protection service as an immediate remedy. They are encouraging all the Post-paid customers to change their PIN and are giving them an extra set of protection to their account with T-Mobile’s account Protection Takeover Capabilities. The company will be publishing a website where they will provide customers with solutions and help them to take steps for further protection of their accounts. 

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