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The Resurgence of Hive Ransomware: Unveiling Hunters International Threat

Cybersecurity Threat Analysis Bitdefender experts have just revealed that they believe the notorious Hive Ransomware is making a comeback as Hunters International. The cyber threat landscape looks to evolve with a successor, despite the attempts of the FBI and Europol to dismantle it in January...

Strengthen Your Defense with a Robust Cybersecurity Checklist for the Shields Ready Campaign in 2023

To supplement the successful "Shields Up" campaign, the United States government has created the "Shields Ready" project to improve cybersecurity in vital infrastructure. In contrast to its forerunner, Shields Active, Shields Ready is geared toward bolstering Critical Infrastructure (CNI) firms' processes and systems in...

Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing and the Future of Encryption in 2023

In the constantly changing domain of cybersecurity, the introduction of quantum computing poses a huge threat to conventional encryption approaches. As quantum computers get more powerful, they might potentially defeat the encryption techniques that safeguard critical data. Companies and governments that rely heavily on...

Learn About the Ethical Challenges Presented by Offensive Cybersecurity Operations and “Hacktivism”

As a field, the debate over the morality of offensive cyber operations and "hacktivism" is heated and contentious. To prevent cyberattacks, protect against opponents, or bring about desired societal change are all reasons given by proponents as to why such measures are acceptable. Concerns...

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in 2023: Embracing Convenience or Unleashing Creativity?

GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) have completely transformed image and content generation in AI. These creative engines go beyond traditional algorithms and employ two distinct neural networks. They are known as generator and discriminator networks, and they are capable of producing both visual and textual...

Top 6 Ways to Use Cyber Threat Intelligence to Protect Your Organization

In the current technological environment, cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is crucial for defense. By assisting organizations in fending off new threats, this intelligence has already started to alter the way attackers play the game. This article will examine the value of CTI and demonstrate...

Top 5 Risk Management Strategies for the Tech Supply Chain in 2023

Supply chain safety is vital in a world where technology is constantly developing. Organizations should indeed keep ahead of the curve to protect themselves and outsmart attackers since supply chain attacks and cyber risks are both evolving. What Technology Needs to Know About Supply Chain Attacks Today's data breaches have the ability to bring down even the most respected businesses. Big names in technology have made supply chain threats a primary concern, and attackers may exploit these weak links to...

The Bug in Truecaller’s Guardian App That Allowed Hackers to Track Your Family Is Fixed Now

Last week, Truecaller launched an application called Guardians to share your location and other important safety information with your family. However, the app had a big bug during its launch that enabled hackers to control user accounts fully. Anand Prakash, who identified the vulnerability, informed...

A Vulnerability Found in Chess.com allowed access to 50 Million user records

An IT security researcher identified a critical set of vulnerabilities in the chess.com API, a popular online chess play site and app. The vulnerability could have been exploited in order to access any account on the site. It could also be used to have...

Phone Numbers of 500 Million Facebook Users on Sale via Telegram Bot

Phone numbers of 533 million users are currently being sold by a bot on the Telegram Encrypted Messaging Site, a Facebook flaw that was fixed by the social network in 2019. According to a report in Motherboard, an individual selling a database full of Facebook...