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Google is finally copying TikTok after TikTok declared #1 website of 2021 (Screenshot Attached)

TikTok has been declared the #1 website by one of the largest networking companies Cloudflare. Up till 2020, Google had position #1. Being #1 has been no fun for TikTok as Google is now trying to copy the UI that made TikTok the most popular...

TikTok Fixes Errors That Allow One-Click Account Takeovers

TikTok has patched a reflected XSS security flaw and a bug leading to account takeover impacting the firm's web domain. Reported via the bug bounty platform HackerOne by researcher Muhammed 'Milly' Taskiran, the first vulnerability relates to a URL parameter on the tiktok.com domain...

Roposo is the new TikTok but made in India

Roposo, An Indian alternate to TikTok has been in trending. Unlike the Mitron app, which was developed in Pakistan and made in India, Roposo has a rich history and a real history behind its development. Who developed Reposo, Was it developed in India? As per the...