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Roposo is the new TikTok but made in India


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Roposo, An Indian alternate to TikTok has been in trending. Unlike the Mitron app, which was developed in Pakistan and made in India, Roposo has a rich history and a real history behind its development.

Who developed Reposo, Was it developed in India?

As per the research done by theDigitalHacker team, Roposo was developed in Gurgaon, India by the team Roposo.

Right now Roposo has 5 crores + install and exponentially growing as the India china issues are escalated.

Features in Roposo

  1. Record video, Add effects, Watch videos
  2. Earn money
  3. Transfer Money to PayTm

Editing Features

  • filters like TikTok
  • stickers & effects
  • time-lapse
  • portraits
  • natural light
  • studio light
  • contour light
  • stage & stage mono light

Languages supported in Roposo

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Marathi
  4. Telugu
  5. Tamil
  6. Kannada
  7. Gujarati
  8. Punjabi
  9. Bengali

Indian Channels on Roposo

  1. Haha Tv:
  2. Bhakti:
  3. Look Good-Feel Good:
  4. Beats:
  5. Celebration Channel
  6. Hungry Tv, Gabru, City Report, Punjabi Way, Digi TV, Nation Speaks, Wow Channel, Discover People, Filmistaa, Creative Space and a lot of other option which matches with diversified Indian culture.

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Is it safe to download Roposo?

Google play has been strict about its policy and been removing the app not following the guidelines. As Roposo has a good history behind, it is considered to be safe to download and use the app.


Few major reasons why you should uninstall TikTok?

1. Privacy concerned

If you are someone who cares about privacy then it is highly recommended to use an app like Roposo. TikTok has been guilty to be recording a lot of user actions that aren’t necessary to improve their app. In fact, the Government of the USA has banned it’s an employee or their family members to use TikTok.

Having a strong reason, if you are someone who cares about privacy, it is recommended to use an app that is trusted.

2. Open about Topic

TikTok is a platform that censors content that is against china or it’s the platform itself. If you speak anything against China, or the app itself, your content won’t reach a large audience, your video may get deleted or your account my get suspended.

Living in a country where freedom of speech is appreciated, it is important to be open about issues than getting censored by some Chinese company.

Support to Economy

As a content company, companies like TikTok make millions of dollars in revenue and the amount is earned by having a mass userbase.

By supporting the apps #madeInIndia, An Bhartiye user can support its own economy than supporting its opposition.

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