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Tech giant LG announces to launch a “PuriCare Face Mask” shortly


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Last Updated on 23/07/2021 by Riya

Wearing a mask is extremely essential throughout the Corona era, which is why several kinds of masks available in the marketplace. Recently, LG has unveiled the PureCare Wearable Air Purifier, a high-tech face mask which not only filters the air you inhale but also includes several innovative capabilities.

LG says that the mask is created to allow users to converse freely avoiding the need of removing the mask while speaking on a call. Considering their importance, the South Korean tech company claims that face masks can pose issues like impairment of spectacles, sweating, and shortness of breath. As a result, it chooses to develop a mask that is not only safe but also convenient to wear. The microphone and amplifier built using VoiceON functionality will be most appreciated by consumers.

LG stated in a media statement that the new mask’s simple design makes it comfortable to wear all day. It’s only 94 grams and can be conveniently used for up to eight hours including 1,000 mAH battery, that recharges within two hours.” PureCare’s “sleek, ergonomic shape prevents air leakage across the nose and chin,” Company further added. As everyone knows Sports tournaments are arriving, in such a situation Athletes, coaches and staff have to face a lot of problems to practice while wearing masks due to breathing issues although, this mask with in-built LG DUAL fans allowing the people to breathe easily.

Therefore, if you or someone in your family is an athlete then you or your relative must buy this mask. Recently, 120 Thai athletes, coaches and staff were also spotted wearing this mask at Suwannabhumi Airport. While the mask will be available in Thailand in August, there is no official confirmation about the launch date of the mask in other countries. Although, the price of the mask is still not disclosed yet. Hence, to know the price of this mask we’ve to wait for its official launch.

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