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Technology is helping rebuild war-torn regions into smart cities


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Nagorno-Karabakh is considered the center of attraction for many disagreements and arguments between neighboring nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Nagorno-Karabakh, recognized as a part of Azerbaijan, was mostly governed by ethnic Armenians. The first war was held between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the late 1980s and went on till 1994, Armenia getting hold of the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

There have been some conflicts over the year between both nations but a war broke down last September which went on for 44 days Azerbaijan being an advantage this time as it recovered almost all the terrorists that it lost in the previous war.

How digitization will be helping these cities?

After all the conflicts and wars, Azerbaijan is now trying to rebuild the war-torn region and has some serious hopes with advanced technology as they hope that technological advancements will encourage the citizens to reside again in the region and will help in the creation of smart cities.

According to the reports by ZDNet, an urban planning expert and associate professor at the ADA University in Baku, Anar Valiyev, building new communities underpinned by digital amenities will not only make the region more attractive for those looking to return, but also for those who have remained in the region throughout the conflict.

Building smart cities will help to work efficiently, efficiently and will lead to making faster decision-making.

According to the preliminary plans, there will be a number of smart villages, named Aghaly-1, Aghaly-2, Aghaly-3. In these regions, more than 200 houses will be built innovatively with recycled materials like steel, concrete, with additional amenities such as smart electricity, gas, and waste management.

The government is also trying to get more digitally advanced by giving proper internet penetration so to bridge the gap between the urban and rural population of Azerbaijan’s capital.

ZDNet reported, “We are at the planning stage and now we are conceptualizing various sites,” Emin Huseynov, Azerbaijani economist and special representative in Agdam district, tells ZDNet. “However, the most important [part] is the basic infrastructure that is being done now. When it is in place, we will start building the city.”

Through all these initiatives, Azerbaijan is highly hopeful to rebuilt its current situation so as to set an example for the coming generation.

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