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Tesla is confronting a ton of difficulties in entering the Indian market, says Elon Musk


Last Updated on 13/01/2022 by Ulka

One of the inquiries that are regularly posted to Elon Musk has been “When will Tesla send off its vehicles in India?” By and by, a fan from India posed this inquiry and Elon Musk shared an update.

Pranay Pathol, in a tweet, said, “Yo @elonmusk any further update with respect to when Tesla’s will send off in India? They’re really great and should be on each side of the world!” Responding to this, Musk said that “Actually managing a ton of difficulties with the public authority.”

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Tesla had gotten endorsement in India for four models in August 2021 and one more three models in December 2021. While the models have not been uncovered at this point, the Model 3 and Model Y have supposedly been seen in the country.

One of the issues being looked at by the Elon Musk-drove organization is the burden of import charges. Tesla had encouraged the Indian government to slice import charges on electric vehicles and surprisingly mentioned a gathering among Musk and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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The Indian government collects a 60% import charge on electric vehicles evaluated $40,000 or less, and 100 per cent on those valued above $40,000. In correlation, Tesla vehicles start at $44,690 (approx. ₹33, 41,780) in the US, which means Tesla’s vehicles will confront a 100 per cent import charge in India, hampering the organization’s deals.

While Tesla has been mentioned for a decrease in import obligations for quite a while, Indian organizations like Tata Motors have gone against such a move as it would boost imports and conflict with the nation’s arrangements of helping neighbourhood electric vehicle production.

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