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Tesla opens up positions for the senior-level executives of India.


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Image courtesy: Forbes

According to a source, the California-based car manufacturer Tesla has announced a recruitment position in India for hiring senior-level executives. The company plans to expand its operations in India on a massive scale.

Tesla opens up positions for the senior-level executives of India. 1

Image Courtesy: Business Today. 

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, virtually revealed on Twitter a few days ago that the company would join the Indian auto sector in January, and the company is in talks with several Indian state governments to purchase land for an office, showrooms, and a research and development center. 

Tesla is also interested in setting up a car plant in India to produce cars that are made in India. Tesla is supposed to have chosen Karnataka as the place for its first plant, though the company has yet to confirm this. It is excellent news for India, as the country is now experiencing an economic crisis as a result of the ongoing pandemic scenario; hence, Tesla’s investment in India may contribute to the country’s economy while also increasing job opportunities.

According to a tweet posted by the Tesla Fans club Tesla had already engaged a top legal Counselor from India to manage legal matters. Several other countries are already ahead of the competition in the electric vehicle market. Indians, on the other hand, are still unfamiliar with this technology. Although there is a lot of excitement among car lovers for the Tesla launch. Tesla is thought to have entered the Indian market with minor modifications. However, we will have to wait till the car’s launch for more information.

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