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Tesla sues their ex-client for ruining company’s image publicly


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against an ex-client for voiced against the electric vehicle business. The evs business has reportedly sued Han Chao, a longtime Tesla owner, for ruining the image of the company by posting bad about it on social networks.

According to the company, the bad publicity by Han has influenced several people to think twice before purchasing Tesla’s vehicle which harmed the company financially. The incident took place when Han purchased a Tesla Model S two years back and the vehicle had stopped running after being used for few months.

After discovering the issue Han requested a company to replace the vehicle with a new vehicle, however, Tesla denied doing that and offers Han to replace few parts of the car instead of replacing a whole vehicle.

Although Han doesn’t like the suggestion and had filed a suit against Tesla for giving a damaged vehicle, and as a result court made a decision in his favor, awarded him 1 million yuan. Unfortunately, even after the court’s decision in his favor Han kept making bad remarks on social media regarding his encounter with Tesla, which hurts Tesla, and finally, now Tesla hits back by filing a lawsuit against Han.

Tesla is seeking up to $650,000 as of the damage for defamation and bad publicity. Alongside this, Tesla has also alleged the daughter of Han Zhang Yazhou to being engaged in criticism against Tesla.

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