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The Indian government intends to ban VPN, is it justifiable?


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

The government’s intention of banning VPN services in India was came into light when the Parliamentary Committee recently filed a petition demanding a complete ban on VPN in India, the parliamentary body wrote, “VPN can be a threat for country’s security, through which cyber attackers can accomplish their dangerous goals.

After the spread of this news, a feeling of dissatisfaction started arising among the people, due to which people also shared their opinion on Twitter. Many people also said that VPN keeps our internet browsing secure and banning it can disturb their work. This is true, although VPN is considered as a means of accessing most of the blocked websites, in addition to this, VPN is also helpful in making our internet browsing secure. The Internet itself is a vast virtual world in which all kinds of people exist, one of them being cybercriminals who are always looking for a chance to access the data of the users for example when we use public WiFi at airports, restaurants, and other public places, then only VPN can help us to use the internet while protecting us from the eyes of hackers.

Not only public WiFi but in general also the threat of cyber attack keeps hovering over us which can be simply avoided by using VPN. The Internet Freedom Foundation has also given its stand regarding this issue, saying that “Because VPN helps to protect user data and protect the confidential information of journalists, activists and whistleblowers, therefore VPN should be allowed to legally used by all.

Who will suffer the most due to the VPN ban?

There are many such private companies and government entities in the country that secure their communication through VPN, if the VPN is banned then these companies will be most at risk because after this it will be easy for hackers to hack their data.Apart from this, IT companies that operate their work remotely will also have to face a lot of trouble as well as the risk of hacking may also be risen in digital banking transactions.

Which countries have banned VPN use so far?

So far, seven countries have banned VPNs, including Belarus, China, Iraq, North Korea, Oman, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Will banning VPN eliminate the threat of cyber-attacks?

A cybercriminal has many such methods by which they can hack people’s data, they are experts in their work, in such a situation it would be wrong to say that banning VPN will completely eliminate the risk of hacking, but This decision will surely have a bad effect on common people.

Riya is a technology enthusiast and an avid researcher. She writes about consumer tech, hacking, and technology consumer issues at TheDigitalHacker.
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