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The Indian government is expected to implement new rules for operating Drones by 15 August


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Drones also known as UAVs are used in a variety of fields, including defense, agriculture, and e-commerce, as well as meteorology and disaster management. Simultaneously, they are lowering the expense of tracking initiatives and scanning troubled areas. Aside from that, physical vulnerability has also been decreased thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Although, government of india is implementing the new rules regarding the use of Drones in the country that could impact the above advantages offers by drone.

Recently, Kunal Kislay, CEO of Integration Wizards Solution also disclosedthat “there is a discussion of implementing new norms and regulations for drones, the specifics of the drone’s owner, the drone’s route, and the data acquired on their account may all be obtained”.

So let’s discover what rules have been proposed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in 2021.

Note that the new drone guidelines will not be applicable to the military, such as the Navy, Army, or Air Force. All further drone operations will be subject to the new guidelines.

  • All drones shall be required to be registered online.
  • In addition, the location of all drones, as well as their flight, must be reported.
  • Drones can indeed be equipped with nanodevices measuring less than 250 grams and microdevices ranging between 250 grams and 2 kilograms.
  • Small drones should weigh between 2 and 25 kg. Medium drones can weigh anywhere between 25 and 150 kg. On the other hand, larger Drones should weigh between 150 and 500 kg.
  • Drones carrying more than 500 kg must adhere to the 1937 Aircraft Rules.
  • A certificate of eligibility to operate a drone must be acquired by an entity or person, which can be awarded by the Quality Council of India or any other institution authorized by them/the Central Government.
  • A Unique Identification Number might be required for each drone, which must be issued via the Digital Sky portal. No matter whether you own a new drone or an old one as both must have a UIN. Drones must be moved or de-registered using the appropriate digital form.
  • Drones will not allowed to fly anywhere. Digital Sky will give an updated airspace map on the device of the people including areas where the drones are allowed to roam freely. There would be details on the specified zone in this section. The zone’s category can be modified with the passing time.
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