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The majority of applications used by healthcare providers in USA are prone to hacking


Last Updated on 24/11/2021 by Riya

90 percent of web apps utilized by US healthcare providers are prone to cyber-attack. A cyber security firm Outpost 24 has discovered the vulnerability. In its findings, the firm disclosed that over 10 leading hospitals in the United States use these applications 6,069 of which are run on 2,197 domains, with 3% of them being deemed “suspect”.

The security analysts have rated this vulnerability as ‘critically exposed,’ signifying a high level of vulnerability. Outpost24 appraised this vulnerability through its external attack surface management solution.

The tool named ‘hella’ helped the firm to examine several aspects including applications per page, the use of obsolete software components, and the use of susceptible third-party software. Furthermore, the research also disclosed that 24% of these apps use outdated components.

It is a very severe issue that should be resolved as soon as possible because patient health data is extremely valuable to health care organizations because it contains various key details about the patients, such as bank/card information, phone numbers, email address, and home address, among other things.

For hackers, each record might be worth hundreds of dollars. As a result, safeguarding such information is a fundamental responsibility of healthcare organizations.

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