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The Required Browser for Online Privacy


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Why would one want to be dripping out his data while browsing the web? The biggest browsers, from Firefox to Chrome, can help you in locking your data from prying eyes. But securing your browser might require setting up a few security-minded extensions or fidgeting with privacy settings in preferences.

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But a browser start-up is seeking the setup and fiddling out of the process and offering a browser that goes all-in on guarding the user along with his information.

Out of the box, Brave browser blocks trackers and third-party cookies that monitor a user’s activity as he travels across the web. But the browser provides him control over what he does and doesn’t want to be blocked — from ads and cookies to Facebook and Google login buttons.

The developer of the “unusual” Brave browser said it understands that its strict obstruction policy features a consequence for websites: You don’t see ads that facilitate support the creation of website content. To compensate content creators, Brave takes a smart approach that allows the user to make anonymous contributions to websites he visits. Publishers then receive the contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies once they opt into the system. Or, the user can allow ads and tracking in Brave’s settings if he can’t be bothered. But the cost of being tracked is losing control of one’s privacy.

Brave, by default, blocks all ads, trackers, third-party cookies (which track users across the web via social buttons on a webpage) and third-party finger printers (those track users by creating a unique profile of the user using his browser and computer settings). 

Available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, the Brave browser is developed on the same foundation as Chrome, which means Brave can use Chrome extensions. After you click ‘Find extensions and themes’ in Brave’s settings, you are taken to the Chrome Web Store to search out extensions and themes for the browser.

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