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The search for James Bond fantasized real life “Q” begins by Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service


Last Updated on 01/05/2021 by Khushi

On Thursday, the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service announced the search being conducted by the agency spy for a new technology leader, “Director General Q,” or as popularised by the James Bond movies- “Q”.

“We’re looking for a new ‘Q’ If you want to serve your country by helping M16 to develop the operational technology of the future, please take a look,”, Richard Moore via Twitter.

The search for James Bond fantasized real life "Q" begins by Britain's Secret Intelligence Service 1

The real life identity of ‘Q’, unlike the movies, would be od someone “responsible for the teams that build and implement technology”, to give way to the “mission against the UK’s hardest adversaries”.

“You turn disruptive technologies from threats to our operations into opportunities, putting M16 at the leading edge of digital innovation,” is how the official job description states.

Q has been played by men like Desmond Llewelyn, Geoffrey Bayldon, and John Cleese in the Bond films, but the former MI6 chief revealed in 2017 that the role was actually held by an unnamed woman.

The winning candidate will “not be officially avowed,” according to the advertisement, which made no mention of the ability to build watches with lasers or bagpipes that transform into flamethrowers.

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