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The TrickBot malware has infected 140,000 people in 149 countries


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Last Updated on 08/12/2021 by Riya

Over the past year following measures to break its infrastructure, TrickBot malware operators have attacked an approximate 140,000 people in 149 nations, however, the malware is quickly turning a central focus for Emotet, another botnet that was excluded in early 2021.

The majority of sufferers identified since 1 November 2020 are from Portugal, the United States, and India, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and China. Check Point evidence shared with The Hacker News also reveals authorities, finance, and production units are the most influenced sectors.

“Emot is a significant evidence of future ransomware attempts, malware offers ransomware organizations a secret entrance to infiltrated Devices,” a researcher clarified in a report.

Both TrickBot and Emotet are botnets, which are a set of compromised Internet-connected devices that can be used to carry out a range of harmful operations. TrickBot first popped up in 2016 as a C++ banking Trojan and a successor to Pricey Malware, with the skill to grab banking data and other confidential data, as well as expanded laterally across a system and eject supplementary payloads, such as the Conti, Diavol, and Ryuk ransomware payloads.

At the end of 2021, the US Cyber Command and a group of private sector partners, driven by Microsoft, ESET, and Symantec, moved to limit Trickbot’s spread and restrict the adversary from acquiring or renting servers for command-and-control capabilities.

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