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The US to fund Albanian Cybercrime Defense Unit; promised to give EUR 18 million


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Reportedly, Albania is witnessing a huge rise in the number of cyberattacks on its state and private organizations, as said by defense minister Niko Peleshi.

“We may think of cyber defense as being very futuristic, but the truth is I was not previously aware of how many cyberattacks our country deals with.”

Peleshi’s speech

According to him, the state and private institutions deal with hundreds of cyberattacks on daily basis. Hence, to counter this problem, the fund of EUR 18 million would be used which was granted by the US to Military Cyber Agency.

Peleshi also said in a statement that some of the private institutions have been paying a lot of fines and ransom to the attackers in the form of cryptocurrencies, and if they won’t, the stolen data will get released on the dark web which would harm them at a higher level.

According to Exit News, the military unit’s creation was announced back in July. At that time, the government was not ready to take responsibility for the center because of the competitors and rivals, but it is need of the hour to establish a place where all the cybercrime activities must be tracked properly.

Also, the country is currently the 5th most significant source of cybercrime in Europe, accounting for 11.79% of all cyberattacks.

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