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These four scams will empty your bank account


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Last Updated on 24/12/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

In today’s date, new types of internet scams are seen, which you and I are still unaware of. According to a report, 7 out of 10 people in India become victims of some fraud scam every day.

Not only new internet users but many big internet experts have also become victims of such frauds. Let us know about these scams in brief.

Order Scam:

Under this scam, you will get a call from an eCommerce store in which you will be asked to confirm the order for which you will be asked to give bank details and OTP. After taking all the information, scammers will empty your bank account.

Fake Job Scam:

We all search for jobs on different job portals because it saves us a lot of time and apart from this we can search for jobs from any corner of the world, although it has a few drawbacks too. Such job posts mostly lure you with high salaries to entice you in which any job seeker can easily get trapped. Such people extort huge amounts from you in the form of processing fees and later block your phone number.

Fake Government Emails:

In these emails, you will be asked to apply for government schemes by clicking on the link inside the mail. These mails are so well designed that it becomes difficult for the recipient to understand whether the mail is fake or real.

Olx Scam:

This scam is considered to be a very common scam. In such scams, you are shown some pictures of any fake product on OLX and ask for advance money before the delivery after which the product will not deliver to you.

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