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Things to Know Before Pre-ordering a Nintendo Switch Lite


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Reportedly, the Nintendo Switch Lite is finally up for pre-order, kicking off a long process by the end of which users are doubtlessly going to have double-digit numbers of various kinds of Switches.

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Here’s the thrust: the Nintendo Switch Lite is a Switch that does not Switch. It’s a handheld-only machine, with controllers that are fixed permanently to the side rather than removable, like the normal Switch. It plays all the same games, however, and comes in at a friendly cost point of $199.99.

Here is a thing to keep in mind, and it’s even more important for the portable-only Switch Lite. Maybe don’t consider $199.99 to be the final, actual price. For one thing, the user will need a game: currently, it’s nearly impossible to buy an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 without a bundled game of some sort, but the Switch Lite will be a brand-new console, and brand-new consoles don’t usually come as bundles. The sort of big-name Nintendo games gamers want is very rarely discounted, as well, so they should expect to be spending something like $50 if they want The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which they do.

But that’s basic. The Nintendo Switch family is also accessory hungry, and at the very least gamers are likely going to need a microSD card so that they can fit some of that wide world of downloadable games onto their computer. And probably a case, too, maybe a better grip so that one can play for longer time durations without hurting hands. The fact that this thing doesn’t Switch means that there are not quite so many situations that require new peripherals, but gamers are still almost definitely going to spend some money on top of that initial $199.99.

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