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This laptop isn’t releasing in US due to USA Ban Huawei


Last Updated on 15/06/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

Huawei’s new laptop line gets disrupted as a result of the US ban. Chinese giant-tech Huawei is beginning to feel the pinch by Washington’s move to ban American firms from doing business with it as it announced the cancellation of the launch of a new laptop.

Huawei’s consumer division CEO Richard Yu confirmed the reports declaring postpone on the roll-out of a new edition of its high-end laptop series Notebook. This postpone had to be made since the Trump administration placed Huawei in an entity list in May that restricts its access to any US technology. According to Yu, the US blacklist which prohibits American companies from selling products and services to Huawei was behind the cancellation.

Yu says that this top-of-the-range brand could never be released as long as it remains in the blacklist. The high-end laptop series runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Intel chips. Now, Huawei is unable to use even the Android operating system on its smartphones and Windows OS on its PC products.

According to the Post report, the two major business areas between Huawei and Microsoft – Windows operating systems for laptops and other content-related services – have both been suspended by the US company as it moves to comply with US government restrictions, which cited people familiar with the matter. Due to this dispute, Huawei is now all set to develop its own operating system, and the launch of this development can be expected as early as this year in China.

Src: Mashable

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