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Twitter has launched a new “Safety mode” feature to prohibit abusive language on the platform


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Twitter is known for rolling out new features for the ease of its users from time to time, this time Twitter comes with a new feature for the safety of its users. Now Abusers on Twitter should be careful before abusing any user as Twitter is developing a new “Safety Mode” that would penalize users who use abusive language.

If Twitter determines that you are speaking in an inappropriate language, the company will temporarily suspend your Twitter account for seven days. The volume of rude and tactful bullies on Twitter has dramatically risen. Twitter has introduced a new feature to address this issue. Microblogging network has stated that those who use inappropriate language or make nasty comments will face severe consequences.

Although the new safety feature can only be used by a small group of iOS and Android users, the feature is also expected to be rolled out to the rest of the users in the near future. The user can use this safety feature in the English language only. The news was revealed by Twitter in its recent post published on Wednesday.

The social media network is launching this new feature to make users feel more at ease while posting tweets. It will also aid in the regulation of the experience. Users will also be able to block abusive persons on Twitter using this feature.

1. Twitter users can simply activate this feature by going to the Privacy and Safety tab within the settings menu. Following that, Twitter’s technology will monitor unfavorable engagement. Twitter will also keep an eye on the content of tweets as well as the interactions between tweeters and replies.

2. According to the company, if you have followed any account with which you have daily chats, the account will not be automatically blocked.

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