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Twitter is developing a blockchain-connected Collectibles tab


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sunaina

Twitter is working on a tab that displays a user’s NFT collection, and it’s starting to take shape. The platform originally started working on the feature in September, with a tweet from Mada Aflak, a Twitter software developer, showing off the early phases of its trial in late September.

The video in the tweet shows how to link your crypto wallet from prominent providers such as Coinbase, Metamask, and Crypto.com, and then select one of your NFTs to use as your profile image. Your whole collection of NFTs will be saved in a Collectibles tab on your profile.

Once chosen, your profile photo will bear a little emblem indicating that it is a genuine NFT. Twitter hinted at allowing users to validate the NFTs they tweet back in September, so that information isn’t surprising.

These were the early beginnings of the functionality, and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong simply demonstrated how it has progressed since then. She sent out a tweet with a somewhat more detailed version than the first glance we got.

Wong also stated that, in addition to the Collectibles tab, Twitter is working on a view that allows you to have a close-up look at an NFT. You’ll also be able to navigate to a website that displays more information about the NFT, such as a description, its inventor, any attributes, and some collection information. The Collectibles tab appears to be taking the place of the Likes tab on your profile – Wong observes that you’ll have to scroll horizontally to get it.

A section devoted to NFTs is certainly useful, but it also demonstrates Twitter’s indifference for other urgent concerns on the network. As developer Nathan Lawrence points out, Twitter should be putting its resources toward improved anti-misinformation capabilities.

Lawrence also noticed something more concerning: Twitter appears to have merged NFTs into its UI, yet the disinformation prevention tool Birdwatch remains hidden on a separate section of the site. In January, Twitter unveiled Birdwatch, a crowdsourced disinformation platform that allows users to discover and flag problematic content. Apart from the fact that Birdwatch notes are now appearing in tweets, we haven’t heard much about it since its introduction. Overall, Twitter isn’t looking well.

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