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Union authorities ponder over establishment of 20 R&D tech infrastructure in India


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The central government has thought of setting up 20 R&D and technology infrastructure centers to encourage new startups and industries related to science or technology to use good innovative technologies in their work to enhance their existing infrastructure. Along with this, institutions will also be assisted by these centers to adopt innovative technology to teach the students in a more innovative way, which will develop many new skills in the students. For your information, Three  R&D and technology infrastructure centers have been already established by the Central Government in Indian Institute of technology, kharagpur or delhi, and BHU Varanasi which are being run with open access policy.

The Center, known as the Institute of Sophisticated Analytical and Technical Assistance (SATHI), was financially supported by the Department of Science to purchase and maintain new equipment for financially weak institutions, schools, industries, laboratories.

Union authorities ponder over establishment of 20 R&D tech infrastructure in India 1

What is the importance of setting up R&D and technology infrastructure centers in the country?

At the beginning of India’s independence, India’s literacy rate was 18.1% because at that time there were only 27 universities or 208 colleges in the country, so many people could not get a chance to study. Therefore to overcome this situation the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru decided to set up S&T infrastructure program to increase the literacy rate in the country and to develop the country economically as well which proved to be very effective and that is why today more universities or colleges exist in the country and in addition to this the economy of the country is also better than before, but even today our country is economically and educationally weaker as compared to other developed countries.

The main reason behind this is the lack of resources in the industries and educational institutions. Due to low resources, there is a hindrance in providing good education in the educational institutions and also there are a lot of difficulties in manufacturing and exporting good products in the industries. In such a situation, by setting up R&D and technology infrastructure centers in the country, we will be able to increase our economy more and at the same time will also be able to improve the education system of the country.

How will the establishment of these centers affect the falling economy of the country?

The economy of the country has been badly hurt due to the lockdown caused by Covid because many small and big industries or startups have stopped their work for months due to the knockdown, due to which they are unable to manufacture and export their products.

In such circumstances, if R&D and technology infrastructure centers are set up, then all types of big and small industries or startups will get a chance to improve their infrastructure more, with the help of which they will be able to earn maximum profit and help in increasing the economy of the country as well. However, it depends on when these centers will be established as if these centers will establish soon then they will help those industries or startups to improve their infrastructure who are badly affected by the lockdown. 

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