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What impact did breach cause on Healthcare facility in Mysore


Last Updated on 07/12/2021 by Nidhi Khandelwal

At a time when hospitals throughout the world are becoming vulnerable to ransomware attacks, a private hospital in Mysore has become the latest victim. Cybercriminals accessed the hospital’s main financial computer, obtaining access to financial and patient data, in an incident that was discovered after nearly 15 days.

The cybercriminals who encrypt the data and banned access to the system have demanded a bitcoin ransom from the hospital to release the data.

What impact did breach cause on Healthcare facility in Mysore 1

The incident was reported on November 14 when hospital management received a pop up message on their system from a hacker saying they had infiltrated the hospital’s primary financial server and acquired access to financial and patient data, according to a complaint filed with the cyber crime police station.

According to a complaint made on November 19, the hackers have stated that they will only release the data if a ransom in the form of bitcoin is given to the email address they provided.

Based on the allegation, the cyber crime police opened an investigation and began the process of tracking out the hackers’ location.

He explained that healthcare data is extremely sensitive because it contains personal medical information that must be treated with care.

What impact did breach cause on Healthcare facility in Mysore 2

Meanwhile, the management of a private hospital admitted to TNIE that a ransomware attack had occurred at their facility, but denied that patient data had been compromised. An FIR has been filed under section 65 and 43 of the Information Technology Act-2020, according to the investigative team.

The attack was likely carried out by a cybercriminal from Germany, as the IP address was linked to a place there.

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