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WhatsApp introduced three useful features to the WhatsApp web


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Three new features have been added to WhatsApp’s PC version. Users may now edit photographs and examine links on the web version of the app, according to the business. A new sticker recommendation feature is also being added.

Users will now receive sticker suggestions while they enter a message, allowing them to quickly pick the appropriate sticker for their chat. When people use stickers during conversations, they sometimes have to search across numerous tabs to get the proper one, which spoils the fruit.

Sometimes it’s difficult to locate the stickers. However, the new version will now resolve this issue. The way individuals may see previews of links on WhatsApp has also been modified.

Anyone sending a link over WhatsApp online will now be allowed to get a complete preview of the link. People who get the link will learn more regarding what was delivered and what they will view or read on the chat app’s web version.

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