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Why Apple is lagging behind Samsung?


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Samsung is putting a lot of pressure on Apple, the world’s largest technology business. In its home market (the United States), Apple has constantly lagged behind Samsung.In the third quarter of this year, the market share difference between Samsung and Apple decreased dramatically.

Samsung Electronics had a market share of roughly 35 percent in the third quarter of 2021, by a report by market research firm Counterpoint.On a year-over-year basis, it has increased by 5% which is the leading market share since the first quarter of 2020 when the company’s market share was roughly 32%.

However, when we looked at Apple’s market share, we discover that it was around 42 percent in the third quarter. This is a 3% jump over 2020. In such a scenario, the market share gap between Samsung and Apple has narrowed from 9% to 7%.

When we deeply researched all the facts we discovered Samsung’s foldable smartphone series, the Galaxy Z-Fold 3, Galaxy Z-Flip 3, and wide availability of low-cost 5G smartphones might be the reason behind this sudden growth in Samsung’s market share.

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