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Xbox Players Now Allowed to Pick Any Gamertag


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Xbox Players Now Allowed to Pick Any Gamertag 1
By: Hiroh Satoh

Microsoft is now up to something new and creative. Microsoft is all set to allow Xbox players to pick any Gamertag of their wish. A system similar to this is used in Steam, Discord, or Battle.net. This simply means that the same user tags would be available. But not to worry, since Xbox Live Gamertags will now include a ‘#’ number after the already taken Gamertag. “We’ll even change the suffix font size to keep the focus on the name you choose,” said Microsoft.

Xbox Players Now Allowed to Pick Any Gamertag 2
By: commorancy

The complete structure is now changing and up to 12 characters can be used for the new Gamertag. If you don’t wish to change your gamer tag, that’s completely alright. But if you feel like changing it, then the first change would be free of cost, and $9.99 thereafter. The other updates include support for 10 new alphabets. Along with multiple accents, it also means extra tildes or the Nordic slashed O, it also accommodates Thai, Cyrillic symbols for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, and plenty more.

Microsoft is also focusing on the expansion of this Gamertag system to support more character scripts, which also means that players can pick up a name in more than 200 different languages.  The system is rolling out today on the new Xbox app and Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 and will soon arrive on consoles and mobile apps.

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