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You can drive this car using your smartphone as a steering wheel


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In the future, we’ll witness stylish compact sports cars running on the roads as a British automobile company MG is planning to produce such cars for the convenience of its users. MG is known for producing compact sports cars such as the MGB Roadster in the United Kingdom for decades.

You can drive this car using your smartphone as a steering wheel 1
Image Courtesy: Motoring world

Although, after getting acquired by a Chinese company SAIC the company shift its focus to producing compact cars and SUVs, but now after a long time the British company plans to come back to its sports car legacy. The company aims to compete against the Mazda MX-5 Miata with the launch of its compact electric sports car.

This move of MG is considered to be another revolutionary step aimed at attracting gamers towards the stylish compact sports EV. The compact electric car, named the MG Maze by SAIC Design, intends to “reintroduce fun riding cars” as they try to be normalized and breath a fresh air after the recently lifted lockdown.

You can drive this car using your smartphone as a steering wheel 2
Image Courtesy: Motoring world

The MG Maze aims to offer a gaming environment to the riders while riding a car.

The car will come with a handful of amazing features.

While talking about the features the car’s vibrant overall look includes a wide polycarbonate shell and the interchargeable battery will be the center of attraction once it is launched in the market.

However, it is just an assumption as MG hasn’t officially announced any detailed specifics of the car publicly. Whenever we open the canopy gate we’ll see a nice cabin with two “zero gravity” seating arrangements. In addition to this a gamepad, and a screen, simulating creates an enjoyable ambiance to allow you to enjoy streaming your favorite games while relaxing on a seat.

Riders can leverage their cellphones to command the car’s features. Furthermore, the small size Mg Maze cars will be a perfect choice for those traveling around crowded areas as due to its compact design it can be very easily pass through any crowded road. Unfortunately, just a graphic model of the car has been released, and the company has made no plans to launch it anytime soon.

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