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YouTube removes a million videos misguiding viewers on Covid19 misinformation


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Khushi

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, YouTube has deleted over one million videos on its site. In all of these videos, incorrect information about Coronavirus was circulated. As per the company’s Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan, these videos have been deleted in accordance with the company’s policy.

He continued, “We have eliminated over one million videos linked to coronavirus from our platform since February 2020, which were propagating misleading information.” These videos were used to disseminate information such as bogus treatment. Now YouTube claims to be focusing on a method to delete videos that contain false information.

Each month, the business intends to remove around 10 million videos off the site, the majority of which have been played less than ten times. It is critical to eliminate videos that contain incorrect information. Users will receive accurate information as a result of this move. Many thousand videos were pulled from YouTube in November 2020, according to the company.

These videos were used to convey false information regarding American elections. For further knowledge, you may also purchase a YouTube subscription pack to remove advertisements. You will be able to watch YouTube videos without being interrupted as a result of this.

You should simply need to spend Rs 129 per month for this service. Moreover, YouTube is also working hard to add chapter feature to its platform. This feature will be powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, and videos will be uploaded to each chapter instantly.

Although, note that at the moment, when uploading videos, artists must individually add chapters. This feature is now being examined, according to the business. This will mostly assist creators.

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