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Youtube to expand “Video action campaign” to assist brands in driving more sales


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

YouTube revealed to expand video action campaigns on televisions to help brands to reach more customers worldwide. While watching YouTube videos several times you might watch ads in between the videos and thought why they are Interrupting us in between the videos.

However, those advertisements are the backbone of any business to reach their brand or service to a large audience base and earn profit. Previously, the advertisements are often published in newspapers, magazines, or TV channels but after the introduction of Internet, the advertisements are also seen on social media networks, video streaming platforms, and websites as like other mediums internet has also become an important source of information.

However, as time passes like other platforms competition has also increased on the internet. To cope with this issue and assist brands YouTube has decided to promote video action campaign for CTV users.

Whenever a viewer watches a YouTube video on his Television, he’ll be asked to visit a URL present at the bottom of their screen to shop the brand from its official website using their PC or mobile.

One of the major advantages of this campaign is that it will not interrupt you while you’re watching a video. According to YouTube’s spokesperson, “this campaign will assist brands to drive more sales leveraging a single campaign by including inventory from YouTube and Google video partners”.

YouTube had also done this experiment previously and observed 90% conversion from CTV viewers. This growth influenced YouTube to expand this campaign further. Inspired by YouTube Facebook and Instagram have also invested in incorporating video-based shopping functionality.

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