Amazon is attempting at allowing retailers to notify their consumers through mail

Amazon is attempting at allowing retailers to notify their consumers through mail 2

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Amazon is experimenting with a new seller feature that allows them to email consumers directly about new product announcements or sales. It’s a significant departure from Amazon’s current approach, which aims to limit buyer-seller interaction outside of transactions.

The new “Manage The Customer Engagement” tool, according to CNBC, would prohibit companies from sending promotional emails to past customers. They’ll only be able to contact Amazon customers who have opted to adopt a specific brand, and the emails will be sent by Amazon, not the sellers.

Importantly, Amazon does not give sellers complete control of their customers’ personal information. Instead, Amazon will tell brands how many customers have signed up to receive updates, as well as campaign progress indicators (which have yet to be revealed), but not individual customers’ names, information, or email addresses.

Sellers can use the latest email campaign option for free, but it’s only available to brands that have registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry programme (a list that includes big names like Garmin, GoPro, KitchenAid, and more).

The new tool, on the other hand, will benefit brands who rely on Amazon’s store to meet their customers by giving them a new way to reach out to their most passionate buyers of new products or deals. Customers who don’t want to be bombarded by thirsty brand offers on Amazon can look at the companies they’re actually following.


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