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Top 10 Best Inflatable paddle Board brands in 2022


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Paddling is great fun when you own a quality board. Any product manufactured will undergo many quality tests to give the best performance. Even though all the products are quality approved, you need to check or try the products. There are selected brands in every market where you can trust them blindly. But always don’t go for brands because you might miss other products with a cheaper price and good quality.

Here I will list out the best inflatable paddle board brands. You can trust them because they have quality products.

Any brand in any market like clothes, electronics or other have quality in their products. This is the main reason they have higher price tags than other products in the same market. Now let’s dive into the brands which produce high-quality inflatable stand-up paddle boards.

Best Inflatable paddle Board brands 2020:


best inflatable Paddle board brands

After my research on surfboards, I have found that ISLE company has a very good customer feedback. This is an American-based company. They sell their products on Amazon and their company store. 

They have every product which you need while paddling. The products like paddle board, surfboards, Inflatable paddle boards, and accessories. While paddling you need many other accessories like fins, bags, car racks, ISUP gear, and leashes.

2. Tower Paddleboards

best Paddle board brand no.2 Tower

Tower is direct to consumer brand based in Southern California. This company was funded by billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank. They have a wide range of collection in surfboards and paddle boards. They have a huge discount if you purchase more than 5 boards. You will get a $100 off on each board. Use this coupon code for discount: BULK100.

The sad part is they don’t have this bulk discount for international orders. If you want to get more than 5 inflatable paddle boards, then you have to choose this brand and order them on their official site. They even sell their products on Amazon, but you can’t get this bulk discount over there.

3. Aqua Marina

NO.3 Aqua marina Best paddle board brand

This is a Chinese company without an official website. They provide a good quality of surfboards and inflatable paddle boards. Aqua Marina has an impressive collection of these boards on Amazon only. You can get a free and fast delivery on Amazon at reasonable rates. After an excellent research on Amazon and other websites and Came to know that this brand has a good customer satisfaction. I am sure that you will have a wonderful experience with this brand.


best paddle board brand no.4 Ancher

This is another brand which has only one platform. That platform is well known to everyone, i.e. Amazon. Amazon is a big platform for many product brands to sell their items. Many of the brands like Ancheer lack an official website and sell only on Amazon. They also sell their products in other stores like eBay, Walmart, etc. But Amazon is the platform where more numbers of products get sold.

I have found only one inflatable paddle board in Amazon. That is available at $300 approximately. They also produce electric bi-cycles and trampoline. You will have a wonderful experience with this brand of products.


 Best paddle board brand no. 5 go plus

Most of this brand SUP’s are made of quality PVC and drop-stitch material. These are rock solid boards which are in this industry for many years. They provide boards for all level people. They Come with a big removable fin, a nose-mounted carry handle, 4 points mounted bungee and 5 D-Rings. It will be easier for you to inflate and use.

You get an adjustable paddle for different age people. They have good customer reviews on platforms like Walmart and Amazon. This might be the best pick brand for you.


Best paddle board brand no.6 SUP flex

This company was established in 2011 and have good experience in making these inflatable SUP boards since 2009. SUP flex boards come with a 2-year warranty. Two-time big wave world champion, Carlos Burle, teamed up with Supflex to develop a hybrid paddle board for catching some waves or having fun on flat water. Supflex inflatable boards are the best option to meet quality, price and convenience come together in the same product.

If you are interested to purchase bulks of Inflatable paddle boards, then you can contact them for wholesales. You need to visit their official site to contact them and have wholesale rates.


Best paddle board brand no.7 VILANO

Vilano boards have a big sports store with mountain bikes, SUP, and other bicycles. It has a good quality inflatable SUP boards. They have a good warranty period. The inflatable SUP warranty is void if the Paddleboard is left in heat or direct sun when inflated (and not in the water), or when it is towed using the installed D-Rings on the board. But remember to register your warranty with the company to claim it at the time of need.

It is also a USA based company which has a good manufacturing experience in making these SUP.

8. Xtreme power US

Best paddle board brand no.8 Xtreme Power us

They have only a single inflatable paddle board on Amazon and official website as well. They don’t have a huge or minimum collection of paddle boards. The single product is about $300-$400. It is about 10 feet long and comes with inflation and deflation tool. They have interesting hunting products on their site. The things like bow, rifle and tree stand climber are available on their site.

NOTE: To maintain any paddle board we need to dry the board after the use and keep it away from direct sunlight. This will let your SUP board give a long life.


No. 9 Atoll Best paddle board brand

They have a $100 discount with a purchase of 2 paddle boards. This offer is available on their official site only. They have only a single product on Amazon with 3 different colors. Customers are satisfied with this Atoll SUP board.

10. iRocker

No.10 iRocker Best paddle board brand

The irocker is a quad-layer construction i.e the board is built-up on a 4 layer. UPS, FedEx, or USPS takes care of shipping. They everything needed for stand-up paddle boating.

Note – Before you purchase any brand you need to know which type of board. There are many different types of inflatable paddle boards.

Conclusion: –

While you purchase an inflatable stand-up paddle board try to know which type of board you need. There are 2 hull types like displacement hull and planning hull. When you decide to purchase the perfect hull which suites you then choose any one of the brands above. These are trusted brands which make good quality paddle boards.

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