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Top 10 Best Inflatable Paddle board in 2022 review


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Weekends will be fun with the Inflatable paddle board and your pet. You and your pet can have a ride only when you purchase a right SUP paddleboard. If you don’t have a pet even that is ok. Inflatable boards are the best option to choose over solid boards. so let’s see what are the top 10 best inflatable paddle boards in 2020.

The main reason to choose an inflatable rather than a solid board is the surface of the board. The inflatable board has a soft surface compared to the solid board. You will not get hurt when you slip and fall down from your board. This will be the life-saving advantage the inflatable board will provide you.

But before you choose any one of the boards from the below 10, you need to know which kind of board will suit you. You need to know your requirements to purchase paddleboard. Now let’s know which type of SUP board you need to get.


Before you buy any SUP board you need to check the below things. These things will give a clarity about your requirements and help you to purchase a perfect SUP board for you.

  • Hull type
  • board length
  • weight capacity


There are 2 different hulls for a SUP board. The hull type affects the speed of the board directly. So, you need to be careful while analyzing your requirement for the type of the hull.

1-Planning hull: –  This hull type board has a very broad nose. This kind of hull type boards usually go slow and steady. It will be great for yoga and stable picnic spot to enjoy the nature. You can spend your leisure time on this.

2-Displacement hull: – They are used for race and speed boating. These SUP boards have a pointed nose to move the board faster. It will cut the water easily and let it go from the side of the board.

If you want to spend your leisure time peacefully then you should go for a Planning hull. Planning hull is slower than the displacement hull boards. When you want to go faster, then for sure displacement hull board will help you. Looks like we just found which hull you want o purchase. Now let’s see which dimensions of the board you need to get.

Dimensions of the board

LENGTH: – Now you need to look at length, width, and thickness of the board. There are 3 different board lengths. Short, medium, and longboards are the sizes available in the market. You need to increase the size of the board according to your skill levels.

If you are a beginner then go for the short sized boards. When you can paddle like a pro then longboards with displacement hull are the right one.

WIDTH: – The boards with longer width will provide you more stability and less speed. If you want more speed and less stability then choose a board with less width.

THICKNESS: – If you are heavy in weight then you need to choose a thicker board. This will not let you and the SUP board sink. If you are light in weight then you can go for a thin SUP board.


The weight capacity of the board will show how much weight can the board hold without sinking. Now you need to know your weight and get the board with right capacity.

NOTE: – Get a right dimension board which will suit your weight. If the dimensions are more or less then it will not perform well.

Now let’s dive into the list of top 10 best Inflatable paddle boards. The products I provide here are for all kind of skill levels. 

Inflatable paddle board


This is the top best board I have found on Amazon.

Its price might be a bit high but the quality of this inflatable paddle board is ultimate. 

You can trust this product for its quality and performance. The double action pump is well made, but the hose is too stiff. 

This is a small problem while you look into this board. If any other problems occur then you might contact the seller. They respond well to the customers’ queries or problems. 

On the water, the board is extremely stable. Even if you are a beginner you can handle this very easily.

 It has the displacement hull i.e front endpoint is narrow which allows you to paddle faster with ease.This can be used for racing on weekends. 

There is a plenty of room on this SUP board. Your pet can have a small walk and lick your legs while you are busy paddling.

This whole thing fits into a convenient backpack carrying bag. The bag which comes with this board has 2 shoulder straps as well as a waist buckle which helps take some of the weight off your shoulders. Sounds like a simple thing but on a long beach walk or hike, that makes a huge difference. 

ATOLL - best inflatable paddle board

2. IRocker Cruiser

IRocker cruiser is extremely stable and rigid inflatable paddle board. 

iRocker board comes with 2 years warranty which is good enough to use the pod and claim the warranty if needed.

This SUP board has a weight limit of 350 lbs. The 33 inches width makes the board most stable for paddling. 

It got a displacement Hull which allows you to move faster. You could also take this out for small race due to its hull type. 

The expert paddle board user only use displacement hull as they want to move faster.

 The paddle is made up of strong and Resilient rubber material. 

This material will not let your paddle chip off while you use it hard.

There might be a small problem with the locking mechanism on the fin. This may not be the same problem with all the paddle boards. But if your finish damaged then you can get it online for 20 to 30 dollars. 

This is the best quality provided by the iRocker. They also have many other variants of paddle boards. the quad layer construction of the board makes it rigid and strong at any kind of water surface. 

IRocker Cruiser


Here we got the industry’s the best inflatable stand up paddleboard. This paddle board has no competitor for its quality and performance. It has a very pointed nose which allows you to Paddle faster than any other board. 

I actually wanted to list this on top of this list but due to its high price, I have listed it on 3rd position. If you really don’t want to care for money then for sure you need to get this paddle board. Military grade drop stitch material covers the top bottom and sides of the SUP.

It is 6 inches thick which makes the board stable and will let you cruise on the water. It stands 10 feet tall with an amazing design and color.

This is suitable for single riders.

This has a very low weight capacity when compared to other boards on this list. It has 250 pounds weight capacity and anti-slip disc pad.


4. IRocker All-rounder

This is another product from iRocker and named as all-rounder inflatable stand up paddleboard. It is 11 feet long and 32 inches wide with 6 inches thick material.

Personally, the length of the board is exciting to me. Due to the pointed edge, the speed of the boat is remarkable. This type of edge is called as displacement Hull. the whole board weighs around 27 LBS and has a weight capacity of up to 435 lbs. this can handle a weight of two persons with an average weight of 75 kilograms.

Looks like you can risk your weekend with your friend on the paddle board.
The maximum pressure is 15 PSI and it is hard enough to stand strong when colliding with debris on the water.

As the previous iRocker, this also comes within 2-year warranty and with a good customer support.
In the pack, you will have a paddle, a backpack carry bag, dual chamber hand pump, and a leash.
The whole board is made up of standard and good quality PVC. This board has been satisfying many people with its quality and performance.

IRocker All-rounder


The tower is the very good reputable brand in the stand-up paddle boards industry. They are very good at making an inflatable paddle board. This is another displacement hull type board. Same as the other inflatable stand up paddle boards this is also made with military grade PVC material and rope stitch construction which provides extreme durability.

This board goes pretty fast due to its hull type. This is 10 feet 4 inches long and 6 inches thick. It has a width of 32 inches which provides improved stability and balance while standing

While researching about stand up paddle boats I have seen that the average length of the board is 10 feet, 30 inches in width and 6 inches thick. These are the minimum dimensions followed by the paddle board manufacturers.

It has two years manufacturers warranty covering everything outside of normal wear and tear.
the surface on the board is very rough so that you could stand without slipping off the Deck.

These boards don’t hurt you much when you hit it accidentally. I am sorry I was not able to find out the weight capacity of the board. But I am pretty sure that it is capable of holding nearly 100 kilograms.



Peak inflatable stand up paddle board is 10 feet 6 inches in length and weighs around 23 lbs. 

it has a width of 31 inches and thickness of 6 inches which is quite enough to have a smooth and stable ride.

 Military grade PVC is used to make this strong S U P board. It comes with a one year guarantee on all the materials which comes in the pack.

Its weight capacity is 300 lbs and has an extra room for a pet. The maximum pressure which can be inflated in the board is 12 PSI.

This paddle boat can also be used for surfing and fishing. The paddle has a tough nylon dihedral blade and a very good shape for good power and control. You can adjust the paddle size using the lock adjustment.

You will find a 6 mounted bungee system to store all your gear. Most of the Other both have only 4 point bungee system.This comes with a pack of a paddle, carry a backpack, coil leash, high-pressure pump and the board


7. SereneLife

This is ISLE company product based in the USA. It has been manufacturing very good products like this for the past few years.

 This is 6 inches thick which is quite enough to bear heavy weights. usually when people paddle they will carry other stuff like the water bottle, paddles, and a bag.

 All these things will put on a lot of weight to the Inflatable paddleboard. This is 10 feet long and 30 inches wide. It will improve stability and balance while standing on the board.

Serene has a soft deck and it is great for people who are afraid of paddling. This would be an injury freeboard and has fewer chances of bad accidentsYou will have a three bottom panel fins to fix. This fin will give you extra stability speed and steering power.

when the board is in the deflated state it just looks like and a piece of rolled cardboard. After the inflation, it looks like a perfect paddle board and ready to ride.

You need to pump air into the inflatable stand up paddleboard using your bare hands.After inflating SUP board at the right pressure, attached fin and safety leash. 



ISLE Lotus Airtech is a single rider paddle board. It is easy to carry with weight of 20 lbs. 

This is more useful for single Riders want to do exercise and yoga. The paddle comes with three piece adjustable sticks. This is carbon shaft and nylon plate. The coil leash is 10 foot long for making you stick to the paddleboard.

while coming to the dimensions it is 10 foot long 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick i.e 10’x32”x6”.
This will support Riders up to 240 lbs. 

You will have a 60 day guarantee plus 1 year warranty on materials.

According to my research on inflatable paddle boards, this is one of the best board from the others in this industry


9. GOplus

Go Plus is one of the cheap and best option which is available on this list. it is half the price of the paddle boards which are listed on the top. But it doesn’t mean that this is of cheap quality. This will provide the good performance for its low price. if you are getting started and experimenting with random inflatable stand up paddle boats then this will be the best option.

It is 10 feet 5 inches long and has a weight capacity of 280 lbs. This paddle board also have a non slip soft top deck which will not hit you hard.
the aluminium paddle which comes in the Pack can be adjusted from 35 inches to 87 inches for different Heights.
Go plus has a normal four-point mounted bungee which allows you to store few necessary items while you Go out for paddling. It has an maximum pressure of 13 PSI which is enough to make you and the boat float on the water.



Volcano navigator is another cheapest option on this list. Same as the other paddle boards this is 10 feet long, 31 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. The body is made of high-grade PVC material with Korean drop stitch construction.
It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty covers workmanship and material.
It is very easy to transport because it is light in weight and stable in the water.
When talking about the cons of this board the pump does be the problem. The pump doesn’t connect easily to the board for inflation. So this will be a problem while you inflate the paddle once you are done with inflation then you can carry it to the river for your weekend enjoyment.



In the editor speak I am going to give you the best paddle board with highest price, cheapest price, and budget friendly (price not too high nor too low board) standup paddle boards.

Best performer: –

Xterra board will beat all the boats on this list in speed, quality and performance. due to its highest price I have listed it on the top three position. if you are a person who really wants the performance and doesn’t care money then this will be the best option for you.

Atoll is also comparable to xterra. It will also perform as good as xterra.

Cheap but best board:-

Goplus is the cheapest and best board on this list. It has a really low price tag and a beginner can afford it. if you are looking for other option rather than go place then Vilano will be the other choice. If they are cheap it doesn’t mean that they don’t perform well. They do give a good experience while you paddle.

Average price:- if you don’t want to go for the high or low priced incredible stand up paddle board then the peak is the best option for.

I have prodvided all kinds of boards in the editors pick. Now you need to find know which one to buy from the above list.

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