watch os 6

watchOS 6 Spots New Ceramic and Titanium Apple Watch models

Apple’s latest watchOS beta seems to have revealed the company’s plans for brand new Apple Watch models. Just days after recognizing a possible iPhone 11 announcement date, iHelp BR has discovered references to new ceramic and titanium watch models in the latest watchOS 6 beta. The Apple Watch Series 5 will be disclosed next...
apple music with spotify

Apple will let Siri Play Spotify Tracks but with this weird issue.

One will not think that Apple and Spotify's bond would be thawing out anytime soon, given that Spotify has lodged an antitrust complaint against its streaming rival in the EU. But currently,...

Apple Soon to Shut Down Corellium’s ‘Perfect Replicas’

Apple Inc. accused upstart Corellium LLC of illegally selling virtual copies of the iPhone and iPad operating systems under the guise of helping discover security flaws. In a copyright-infringement lawsuit filed on...

Google’s New Gesture Controls Not Just for Pixel

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007, its most spell-bounding feature—the one that set it apart from BlackBerry and Nokia, and the one that would forever change the way...

Google Researchers Identify Several iOS Flaws

Six serious security vulnerabilities that were patched in the iOS 12.4 update released earlier this month were originally discovered by security researchers at Google. Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Groß, two members of...

Apple to Launch 3 New iPhones with 5G Compatibility In 2020

According to recent reports and an updated note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to launch three new iPhones with 5G support in 2020. The tech giant was earlier expected to...

Siri Records Personal Conversations

Voice assistants are growing in popularity, but the technology has been witnessing a parallel rise in concerns about accuracy and privacy. Apple’s Siri is the latest one to enter into this...

Apple’s 5G iPhones Might End Up Using Intel’s 5G Modem

After Apple and Qualcomm’s ever-lasting feud finally settled, Intel decided to abandon its modem business as it had lost the hopes of producing 5G tech for future iPhones. However, according to...

Fake FaceApp Software Might Infect Your Device

While the talk continues on the privacy implications of participating in the viral FaceApp Challenge, security researchers have currently issued warnings concerning fake FaceApp challenge apps spotted in the wild and...
Apple watch

Apple Freezes Walkie-Talkie App to Check Eavesdropping

After facing an embarrassing Group FaceTime bug, Apple today is facing yet another such Apple Watch issue. Reportedly, the Walkie-Talkie app released last year in watchOS 5 coincidently triggers the same...