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“Hey Facebook” : the latest update made to Oculus Quest 2


Last Updated on 26/02/2021 by Khushi

Facebook made a formal announcement of rolling out to Quest Headsets. On the other hand the support page of the Portal lists an alternative to “Hey Portal”- “Hey Facebook”.

The portal voice gets activated once the user commands the device with the wake words either “Hey Portal” or “Hey Facebook”.

The tech giant has introduced a new wake word for its Portal smart displays and the Oculus Quest platform. 

The users can continue to use the voice commands app for issuing the commands with a double tap on the Oculus button, not having to use the “Hey Facebook” wake word. The wake word is only an opt-in feature as a part of the Experimental Features panel available in the settings of the headset.

“Hey Facebook” initiates the user to do things with their voices instead of having to interrupt the VR action that much. But it can be unfavored by the ones who are not so satisfied with Facebook’s working manners in the virtual world. 

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