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MetaHuman – A Software that Promises to Change the World of Gaming


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It has only been a couple of weeks since Epic Games presented their new software tool, and gaming fans are already looking forward to the changes that will come from the implementation of MetaHuman Creator to modern gaming. The new browser-based tool in Epic’s Unreal Engine will change everything we know about photorealistic animation, not only in animations that are related to video games but also in movies and television features. The tool allows for real-time manipulation and the cloud-based transferring of information.


A Powerful Time-Saving Tool That Comes at no Cost

MetaHuman Creator might not have as many options as some of the tools used by major studios, but it has a lot to offer, especially considering that it will not cost you a penny. By simply using a browser, developers will be able to create quality features that can be used for several game types. Epic has already shared a lot of information about what the tool will be able to do, but they have not shared any information about possible release dates. Most probably, MetaHuman Creator will become widely available after 2022. 

Will MetaHuman Really Make a Difference?

It is no secret that gamers mostly care about the end result and that the development process is the responsibility of the gaming studios. Gaming creation takes ages, and until a triple-A title becomes available for purchase, gamers like playing a wide variety of arcade games online from Mansion, crazy games, arkadium and etc. With Epic’s new tool, the studios will be able to reduce the time it takes for the digitalization process of every character.

MetaHuman Creator can help developments work on the creation of several animated characters simultaneously, and this will allow studios to reduce the overall development time. This means that studios will be able to release their games faster. 

Long Hair, Tattoos, and Younger Looking Features in Minutes

With MetaHuman Creator, developers can alter a person’s looks in just a matter of minutes. Your character can go from having hair that is as long as Rapunzel’s hair to having no hair at all, from looking like a bodybuilder to looking as thin as a runway model, and from being 70 years old to look like a high school student. It is a great addition for Unreal Engine 5, and the more time Epic has to develop the software, the more options developers will have when using the tool. Just imagine having no limits when you are working on the stylization of your gaming characters. 

Where Can MetaHuman Be Used?

Unreal Engine has been used for the creation of dozens of games over the last two decades. From Gears of War to Final Fantasy VII Remake, Epic’s software has helped developers write the code of both unsuccessful and billion-dollar-generating products. If developers keep using Epic’s popular game-creating software, then players should expect to see MetaHuman being used for the digitalization of characters in popular role-playing games, action-adventure titles, fighting games, and demanding first-person shooters. 

Hrithik V
Hrithik V
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