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This Is How a Bug Allowed Hackers to Get Anyone’s Email Address on Xbox Live

A vulnerability was recently discovered by a hacker in the Xbox Live which allowed the hacker to easily find out the email address used to register any Xbox Gamertag. Every Xbox user must use an email address to register a gamer tag and those addresses...

Amazon Affiliate Websites on WordPress are affected by “kpembed-20” bug (Proofs Included)

Wordpress is one of the biggest open-source platforms in the work listing for almost 30 of the whole web and there are more than 11,00,000+ websites that are associated with the amazon affiliate website is affected by its a new bug. Independent publishers and news...

Firefox Update to Fix a Critical Bug

If you have Firefox, then it seems like you need to update it. It is reported that Firefox is attacked by a critical bug. Mozilla has released security updates Firefox 67.0.3 and Firefox ESR 60.7.1 to fix this bug. This bug is capable of...